Making a difference

During my lifetime I have learned that the way to achieve an important goal is to make it so important that all the things you think, say and do are aimed directly at achieving that goal. President Biden came into office promising he would bring the country together. perhaps he has tried, but it seems… Continue reading Making a difference

Coach Bob Knight

Coach Bob Knight has died. A great coach to be sure. But perhaps much of what we know about Bobby Knight comes from the one occasion on which he became so upset he slung a chair across the court. He was a bombastic fellow.  He was unforgiving and he sought perfection. He had a hard… Continue reading Coach Bob Knight

Big change lies ahead

The common view that our current labor shortage is caused by young people not wanting to work and who were getting along fine on the funds from the government is not supported by facts.  Pew research shows that early retirement whether forced by the pandemic or made possible otherwise is having a huge labor market… Continue reading Big change lies ahead

We can do this

We can do this A friend sent me an article about an organization called “More in Common.” I checked out the organization. More in Common’s mission is to understand the forces driving us apart, to find common ground and help to bring people together to tackle our shared challenges. They draw from groundbreaking research to… Continue reading We can do this